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Just sharing a link:

Blogging, the nihilist impulse

A nice long essay on the philosophical interpretations of Blogging phenomena. This is pretty much the sort of thing (though I found this quite some time after) that I started this site to aggregate, and hopefully produce.

The essay is a bit negative, from my perspective, but any time philosopher's are faced with the idea that the only course of action left is to give in to unreason, or to live a vapid empty lie of a life...well, you can see where they get it. The point is, the Internet is a cynical, nihilistic place, and this essay may help you to understand that you'll never understand why. I certainly can't follow even most of the references, but I'd say I understand enough of it to know that we're either pretty screwed, or philosopher's are going to have a hell of a time figuring out what to do when things really get going.